New Kinedo Cubicle Finds Favour In Homes And Holiday Homes

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Saniflo & Kinedo

27th Feb 2017

An upgraded version of a Kinedo cubicle from bathroom brand, Saniflo, has been specified not only for housebuilding but by companies in the leisure sector. The Kineprime Glass is an updated version of Kineprime Contract, which has long been a popular model in student accommodation and in council houses and local authority homes. The new model replaces functional plastic internal panels with stylish opaque glass ones and comes complete with a thermostatic valve and handset and hose. This unit is ideal in the smaller bathroom and this is where its appeal lies for manufacturers of holiday accommodation.  

MRC Modular in Downham Market is currently installing 150 Kineprime Glass corner units into their new, luxury log cabins which are being despatched to holiday parks throughout the UK, whilst Swansea based manufacturer, The Log Pod, has ordered an initial 120 of the same cubicles - with slider door option - to be fitted across its range of static and mobile pods.

Andy Lancaster of MRC Modular specified the cubicles primarily because of the time-saving aspect. Once his installers had been trained by Saniflo’s technical team he found that units can be fitted and working in just a few hours. The intuitive assembly process, combined with internal panels (as opposed to tile and grout) means that once the cubicle is in it can be connected and working with no need for follow-on trades;

“The Kinedo cubicles not only save us installation time, but because they come with the tray, shower valve, showerhead and handset in the package, we don’t have to separately specify those items. In a timber frame building – where the wood can expand and contract with the weather conditions – we have found that this movement can be detrimental to tiles and grout; causing slippage, cracks in the grout and sometimes leaks. The glass panels eliminate this issue and so are proving to be more suitable for our log cabins. They are also very attractive which is important for customers who can enjoy home comforts whilst on holiday.”

Size is even more important for The Log Pod.  The overall compact dimensions of the pod mean that there is a lot to squeeze into a confined space.  The Kineprime Glass 800x800 model fits unobtrusively in the corner of the pod bathroom, yet provides a spacious showering area.   

Edgar Wallace is the company’s Sales Director;

“Demand for our log pods has increased thanks to the popularity in glamping and staycations. We have scaled up production in our new factory and switching to the integrated cubicle is already saving us time. Taking delivery of the whole package – rather than individual elements – is far more efficient for us and they are quicker to install too because there are no tiles or grout. Each cubicle can be fully installed and watertight in an afternoon or less. They also look stunning; we’re very pleased with them.”

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