New Eliminator Nano is Most Effective Compact Filter on the Market

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Sentinel Performance Solutions

19th Dec 2014

Proven to collect almost 20% more debris than the nearest compact filter competitor products*, the new Eliminator Nano from Sentinel is a compact filter for heating systems that doesn’t compromise on performance. Thanks to its unique Quadra-Cyclone technology, the Eliminator Nano, which hits the market in early 2015, removes both magnetic and non-magnetic debris from system water, and overcomes the usual problems associated with smaller sized magnets to offer unrivalled protection from circulating sludge. Robust and easy-to-install, the Eliminator Nano is set to be a sure favourite with installers and specifiers looking to deliver best practice water treatment solutions.

The Nano’s remarkable filtering performance is a result of Sentinel’s dedication to developing innovative Quadra-Cyclone technology that is able to surpass the limits of traditional magnetic filters. Unfortunately, magnets can become covered in debris over time, losing their effectiveness, while compact magnetic filters have smaller magnets, meaning less debris can be captured. In addition, only magnetic debris is captured, so any contaminants such as copper particles, spalled scales and installation residues will remain in the system and lead to corrosion.

In contrast, the Eliminator Nano’s unique Quadra-Cyclone technology does not rely on magnets – unlike almost all other filters on the market – meaning it is able to capture almost 20% more debris than the nearest compact filter. The Eliminator Nano works by accelerating system water in four true hydro-cyclones within the filter. This process expels both magnetic and non-magnetic debris from the water flow, sending it into a collection chamber below, where it is ready to be simply flushed from the system.

Capturing more debris than other compact filters means that the Eliminator Nano is able to better protect sensitive boilers and heating system components from debris and sludge, maximising the lifecycle of heating systems, and drastically reducing the chances of breakdown, boiler failure, and the need for system repair or component replacement, as well as call backs for the installer. In addition, the filter helps to optimise the energy efficiency and performance of heating systems, lowering household heating bills. In fact, when used in conjunction with Sentinel’s range of cleaning products, the Eliminator Nano can improve system effectiveness by approximately 15%.

By eliminating the need for magnets, Sentinel has been able to reduce the installation area of the Nano to just 22.3cm – that’s 30% smaller than Sentinel’s larger Eliminator filter  – meaning that it can be fitted in small spaces. Furthermore, the Nano requires little additional servicing space as debris can simply be drained from the base of the unit.

But size isn’t the only installer-friendly aspect of the Eliminator Nano – in fact, all of the filter’s key features have been developed with input from installers to solve common issues. These include a brass T-piece for robust connection, dual seals for insurance against leaks, and a sealed bin construction for safety and ease of servicing. For increased safety, the Eliminator Nano unit also features an anti-tamper drain valve.

Designed and manufactured in the UK from durable material used typically in the automotive industry, the Eliminator Nano is a high quality device that has been fully lifecycle tested under stressed conditions. As would be expected of a product from leading water treatment specialist Sentinel, the filter exceeds typical industry quality manufacturing standards, giving installers and specifiers a high performance filter that they can rely on to deliver market-leading protection to boilers and heating system components.

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