New British Gypsum CPD Promotes Best Practice In Acoustics

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British Gypsum

14th Oct 2015

British Gypsum has launched a new RIBA-approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminar on the fundamentals of building acoustics, sound absorption and reverberation control in residential, public and commercial buildings.

The leading manufacturer of interior lining systems has developed the one-hour Ceiling Solutions for Improved Acoustic Environments seminar in line with feedback from architects and specifiers to outline the various factors that need to be considered when designing an interior environment.

The session also touches on the impact of aesthetics, fire safety and air quality, and the latest regulations and requirements affecting specific commercial sectors, such as education and healthcare, and gives an overview of products and systems available.

John Newbury, Senior Product Manager at British Gypsum, explained: “RIBA members are required to complete 35 hours of CPD per year – our seminar not only contributes to this, but also provides the industry with the key principles to consider when they are specifying solutions to meet the latest acoustic requirements.

“Once architects have signed up to our session, specialists from British Gypsum will present it at individual practices at a time to suit the team – usually at lunchtime but we have also given breakfast seminars and after-work events.”

“The session covered the basics of acoustics in practical detail which can be readily applied in design stage. The construction sector and customer requirements continue to evolve, so by keeping our CPD seminars fully up-to-date means architects get the most value from them.”

The new seminar follows the success of the business’ previous CPDs, which saw a fourfold increase in sign up over the past 12 months.

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