New And Updated Kinedo Brochure

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Saniflo & Kinedo

29th Apr 2016


Saniflo has launched a new Kinedo brochure detailing the latest products and updates to bring together the whole range of Kinedo self-contained cubicles including the updated Kinemagic bath-replacement range, the brand new Eden, the Kineprime Glass as well as the latest Kineduo shower baths and the existing portfolio of leak-free cubicles.

The Kinedo range is becoming increasingly popular with a range of customers including domestic customers looking for a shower that not only looks great, but causes minimal disruption during the quick installation process. Housebuilders – whether undertaking new builds or conversions and refurbs – are turning to Kinedo models, such as the Horizon and Moonlight, because they provide a watertight enclosure that is not only quick to install, but practically eliminates aftercare issues of leaks.

For a copy of the brochure please call Saniflo on 020 8842 0033.

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