New Additions For Tilebrick Range As Popularity Soars

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8th Dec 2014

Building on the success of its Tilebrick range, Ibstock has recently launched a selection of new designs, offering greater choice and increased sales opportunities for merchants looking to meet the needs of their customers.  

Tilebrick is Ibstock’s innovative tile-shaped front face brick which replicates a tile-hung wall elevation.  Three profiles are now available in Planar, Banded and Curved shapes.  The Planar gives a crisp and defined finish, the Banded adds a strong linear definition to the facade, while the traditional Curved finish provides the softer appeal of real tile hanging.  The range currently comes in 10 colour options including black and buff.  They are supported by a range of accessories to satisfy any design requirement. 

Tilebrick’s popularity among architects and specifiers is due to it providing a visually attractive, clever construction solution.  It also offers the unique characteristic of providing a monolithic appearance without the visual disruption of mortar joints, but with the ability to be traditionally laid using standard mortars.

Andrew Halstead-Smith, Group Marketing Manager at Ibstock, commented: “Tilebrick is proving to be an immensely popular range, so we’ve added further design options to provide greater choice and to maximise opportunities for merchants.”

Tilebrick is helping to provide design solutions that give a new dimension to facades which enhance the design elements of a building whilst retaining the benefits of structural masonry.  An example of its design capabilities is its recent specification on a family home in Brockwell Park in Brixton, which has undergone a radical renovation.

The home in question, which featured in Grand Designs, was in a bad state of repair and required major renovation work to transform it in to a light and accessible modern family home.  The solution was to pare back the infrastructure of the house and ‘re-dress’ it in a simpler architecture that would sit sympathetically within its park location. 

The architects also wanted to increase the size of the house and break this down into three smaller scale interlocking volumes.  This comprised of one volume constructed in wood to echo the park’s trees, one in clean rendered glass to bring the garden into the main family spaces and one in blue-grey brick to match the Brixtonian urban context.

Ibstock’s Tilebrick was selected as the answer for the final element.  With no visible mortar joints, different proportions and a specially engineered tile-lip, a modern, clean, and slightly abstracted surface was created.  As a clay product, it supported the desire for a natural variation and, crucially, has allowed the building to sit well in its location.

The outer skin on the Tilebrick has also helped dramatically improve the heating and cooling performance of the home.  It has added an extra thermal barrier to significantly increase the thermal mass of the heated structure, resulting in a warm home in winter and a cool living environment in summer.

Overall, the Tilebricks help to anchor the house, bringing with it a sense of weight that sits as an ideal counterpoint to the lightweight hardwood slat work and glass elements that combine to make the renovation such a visually attractive family home.

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