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Kohler Mira Ltd

13th Apr 2017

Mira Showers – the brand most trusted by UK installers – has enhanced its range of innovative digital showers with the introduction of Mira Mode: a high aesthetic, accessibly-priced mixer that offers users the added convenience of app control from smartphones.

Mira Mode responds to a growing consumer demand for technologically advanced home appliances that are also simple and intuitive to use; while meeting the needs of a demographic that increasingly requires multi-generational bathroom installations. As the ‘Smart Home’ concept takes hold, insights into consumer attitudes towards technology purchases suggest that digital could rise to up 59% of shower installations in time.

The Bluetooth app allows on/off operation, while enabling the user to programme maximum temperatures and shower duration. Additional features include switching the shower on via the app to warm-up, remote control set up and up to 10 personalised bath-fill settings (with the appropriate Mode variant).

For the commissioning installer, the app allows for straightforward set up, maximum temperature setting and easy troubleshooting. A crucial benefit is the ability to configure feeds and outlets with the app. This means pipework can be installed as convenient or obviates the need for awkward additional work – such as passovers – when trying to align with existing pipework; as outlets can be nominated subsequently through the app.

The Mira Mode wall-mounted main and remote controls are clean, contemporary devices that provide on, off or outlet selection at the touch of a button. Twelve Mode product options are offered with either ceiling or rear fed fittings available, and a choice of valves – a high pressure valve for mains pressurised systems or combination boilers or a pumped valve for low pressure or gravity fed systems – to choose from. Eight valve-only options are also available.

Outlet options include a single outlet shower; a dual outlet with a 200mm drench head and handset that can be used together or independently; a shower and bath fill option (rear-fed, single shower outlet only) and a solus bath-fill.

Installation is swift and simple. Connection between the controller and valve unit is by low-voltage data cable – typical for these kind of applications – and such is the flexibility of Mode that the valve can be sited somewhere discrete be it in the loft, under a bath or other convenient location up to 10 metres from the controller.

It comes complete with an elegant fittings kit, which includes the new 130mm Mira Switch handshower and a friction clamp bracket that can be operated single-handedly. Mira Switch enables users to choose between four unique spray modes by simply pressing a button at the base of the showerhead. Single-hand clamp bracket operation benefits elderly or vulnerable users with grip or balance issues; and is considered 'inclusive' by occupational therapists.

With the launch of Mode, Mira has raised the bar in digital showering, improving choice, convenience and control for the consumer; while providing upselling opportunities, flexibility and ease of installation to the trade.

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