Mira Delivers A Bar Valve To Which Everyone Can Relate

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Kohler Mira Ltd

23rd Aug 2017

Mira Showers – the brand most trusted by UK installers – has enhanced its popular bar valve mixer shower range with the new Mira Relate: enabling users to enjoy a top-quality showering performance at an accessible price. Plus, as an added benefit to the trade, it’s a product which is both ideal for retro-fitting as well as enabling easier installation at the second fix stage.

As a result of consumer demand – driven by style preferences and a requirement for simplicity in use – bar valves now represent 60% of the mixer market by volume; and Mira Relate allows developers, designers and contractors to meet this need with a quality, good-looking shower at cost-conscious prices. Furthermore, there is a significant trend toward diverter valves – which have 64% of the market in ‘mass retail’ – which is largely untapped by the trade, where they only amount to 22% of sales The Mira Relate comes in single and dual outlet variants bringing the luxury and aspiration of a dual outlet showering experience to a wider range of consumers.

The contemporary design of this chrome shower complements modern interiors and is allied to superior thermostatic mixing valve technology, so it not only looks good but is also supremely safe for all the family. Separate temperature and flow controls with override buttons enable the user to fine tune their perfect showering experience, while the Mira Beat 90mm single spray showerhead has rub-clean nozzles for easy limescale removal.

Guaranteed for five years, the Mira Relate is suitable for all water systems at all pressures with genuine performance at 0.1 bar and above. Mira quotes flow rates at the handset rather than valve outlet pressures – as used by other manufacturers – which means its figures represent honest, true low pressure performance as experienced by the end-user.

This performance is because of Mira Magni-flo TM technology – a patented technology that enables the company’s mixers to deliver up to three times more flow than competing products, even at low pressure. Through a combination of design features which optimise internal water ways within the valve body, Mira Magni-flo™ technology enables water to flow through more efficiently.

For the installer, Mira’s own front of tile installation system means that the shower can be connected to pipework during second fix, and the slide bar has adjustable centres to match grout lines and existing holes in tiles. Another feature that makes the Mira Relate ideal for retro-fitting is that it has 150mm pipe centres so that it can be easily slotted in to replace a previous bar valve.

The dual outlet diverter version of the mixer shower – the Mira Relate ERD – has a 200mm single spray deluge head with rub-clean rubber nozzles for easy maintenance; while the separate hand-held showerhead is 90mm as per the standard single outlet valve. Diverters are popular across demographics, and with all ages, as the benefits of switching between a fixed deluge head shower experience or a more practical hand-held option are universally appreciated.

With the new Mira Relate, Mira has created a stylish, high performance performing mixer shower that serves the demand for easy-to-use, accessibly priced bar valves and meets the needs of installers, developers and consumers alike.

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