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Hambleside Danelaw

23rd Jun 2015

Hambleside Danelaw is the UK market leader in GRP flashing products including Dry Fix Valley Troughs and Dry Fix Bonding Gutters.

The benefits of Dry Fix roofing products are well known. They are simple and easy to install, and being mortarless, requires less materials on site. Most importantly, they are maintenance free, unlike wet mortared systems that will eventually need costly maintenance.

Our unique Dry Fix Bonding Gutter creates a successful weather-tight joint between dissimilar roof coverings, whether slates, interlocking or plain tiles; this is particularly useful with adjoining private and publically owned properties. Dry Fix Bonding Gutters feature narrow profiles which minimises disturbance to the adjoining roof and also a twin water bar design on each side of a central upstand. A weather tight join is achieved by fitting the slates or tiles close up to the central upstand. This provides a clean and neat finish to the edges of different roof coverings.

GRP is a proven and successful choice of material to use in the manufacture of the Dry Fix Valley Troughs and Bonding Gutters. GRP has a number of benefits over lead:

  • simple to install
  • not subject to fluctuating lead costs
  • holds no value to thieves
  • thermally stable thereby reducing the number of joints required

Furthermore, like the Dry Fix Bonding Gutters, they require less maintenance than other forms of fixing.

Our Dry Fix Valley Troughs and Dry Fix Bonding Gutters carry BBA certification, a 30 year guarantee, and ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation, a Police initiative striving to design out crime.

Dry Fix Case Study

Hambleside Danelaw’s original Dry Fix mortarless GRP Valley Trough was selected as the best product for both sides of the roof at The Royal Britannia Crescent in Great Yarmouth. The crescent shaped row of houses only had a limited number of useable roof coverings.  Shallow hips on the outside of the Crescent would mean that the use of hip tiles would be unsightly, unreliable and inconsistent with the overall design.

The roofing contractors chose our Dry Fix Valley Trough for low profile tiles for both the hip and valley detail due to their close-cut appearance and the fact that they cut fixing time by up to 50%.

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