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2nd Mar 2016

In a recent boiler installation at a 3-bedroom property in Waterlooville, Kingston Plumbing & Heating turned to a combination of Fernox Cleaner F3, Fernox Protector F1 and the TF1 Compact Filter to pre-commission effectively a customer’s central heating system.

Nick Kingston founded Kingston Plumbing & Heating in 2005, and with its head office based in Portsmouth, the company operates and covers work across the entire Hampshire region. The company has built-up a reputable and a loyal customer base, specialising in boiler replacements, system conversions, bathroom and kitchen works, powerflushing and the treatment of open vented, unvented and instantaneous hot water systems.

At a semi-detached house in Waterlooville, Nick was tasked with fitting a new boiler in the loft. After relocating the pipework to position and install the boiler easily, Nick powerflushed the system with Fernox Cleaner F3 to remove sludge and improve the cleanliness and efficiency of the system. The central heating system was then dosed using Fernox Protector F1 - a BuildCert and ESTR approved inhibitor to prevent further corrosion and limescale deposition from taking place. When used in combination, the Cleaner F3 and Protector F1 can achieve gas savings for the customer of up to 15% every time a room is heated.

“My father was a plumber and swore by the dependability of Fernox products,” said Nick Kingston, Director of Kingston Plumbing & Heating. “I’ve always recognised Fernox as a pioneer in the advancement of chemical water treatment technology, and the proven capabilities of the Cleaner F3 and the Protector F1 are incredible. The long-term reliability of Fernox’s cleaners and inhibitors is second-to-none, and to this day I’ve never once had a call back.”

Furthermore, Nick also installed a Fernox TF1 Compact Filter to provide a comprehensive approach to system protection. The device is 30% smaller than the standard Fernox TF1 Total Filter, and is ideal for installations where space is limited or access to the boiler is restricted. The filtration device utilises hydrocyclonic and magnetic action to remove harmful contaminants. It is also provides a quick, easy method of servicing the system and dosing with chemicals.

Nick concluded: “Fernox products are well respected and really do work wonders when it comes to cleaning - by flushing out all the sludge and inhibiting to prevent a system from corroding in the first place. We believe in a best-practice approach. That’s why we use a combination of Fernox cleaners, inhibitors and filters, so we can go home knowing we’ve done everything possible to make sure the system is running to its maximum capability.”

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