Knauf Insulation's Marketing Campaign Of The Year - Winner, Winner!

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Knauf Insulation

2nd Jun 2014

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Knauf Insulation is pleased to announce that it has impressed the judges of the Green Deal and ECO Awards with its notable HeatBleed campaign and has been presented with the Marketing Campaign of the Year award.

Since the announcement of the Green Deal, Knauf Insulation has had serious misgivings that the proposed mechanic would not work effectively, especially with the Government dragging its heels on fixing these framework issues. Therefore, the manufacturing company devised an engaging market message to raise awareness with homeowners.

Chris Witte, Marketing Director Northern Europe at Knauf Insulation, commented: “The campaign’s overall mission was to stop HeatBleed in homes around the UK – and so the message was strategically built around alerting homeowners to the huge loss of energy caused by HeatBleed through lack of insulation, air leakage, inefficient boilers, windows and doors, as well as the potential savings that can be made by addressing this loss.

“The HeatBleed message has been very successful in raising awareness; homeowners can visit the official stop HeatBleed website and use the unique calculator to find out where there are leaks in their homes that need to be rectified to save energy and money.

“It is great news that we have won the Marketing Campaign of the Year award at the Green Deal and ECO awards this year. It really proves that our campaign has been recognised as a serious marketing tool to help drive people towards upgrading their homes. Congratulations to everyone involved both internally and our external partners.”

The 2014 National Green Deal & ECO Awards took place in London on the 29 May and recognised the achievements of companies involved in the Green Deal initiative and the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO).

For more information on Knauf Insulation please visit or visit HeatBleed’s official website on

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