Knauf Insulation Triumphs at the Green Deal and Eco Awards

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Knauf Insulation

23rd Jun 2015

Knauf Insulation is pleased to announce that it has won ‘Supplier of the Year’ at this year’s Green Deal and ECO Awards, after demonstrating its outstanding service not only to customers, but also the local community and the environment.

Steve Duke, Sales Director - Refurbishment & Contracting at Knauf Insulation, commented: “It is great news that we have won ‘Supplier of the Year’ at this year’s Green Deal and ECO Awards – especially since we won the ‘Marketing Campaign of the Year’ category at last year’s awards. Winning this award is a real testament to all the hard work that is carried out by our teams across the company – well done!

“We truly understand the importance of upholding strong relationships with our customers and as such we are constantly investing significant effort into closely matching their requirements. For example we have introduced a number of measures to ensure we’re ‘supplier of choice’ by maintaining excellent customer service, providing extensive marketing and training support, adapting to the changing customer needs and offering a comprehensive portfolio of whole house solutions. 

“In addition to this, we are always striving to create energy efficient buildings by manufacturing a range of insulation solutions for a variety of applications and we are fully committed to the local community and our employees.”

The winning entry also highlighted how Knauf Insulation’s commitment to creating energy efficient buildings goes much further. Recently Knauf Insulation recognised that Local Authorities can have a dramatic effect on the energy that people and businesses use and as such, the company developed a pilot study to measure the local energy and energy efficiency agendas of councils in England: the Local Authority Energy Index (LAEI).

The LAEI considered how the chosen 25 Local Authorities have worked to influence the energy and energy efficiency agendas, along with measuring and ranking their work in this area. It used a combination of quantitative and qualitative measures to produce an overall index of performance in energy efficiency. In particular, it highlighted best practice and explored barriers that exist for Councils trying to improve well-being and reduce energy bills for residents, businesses and their own estate.

The 2015 National Green Deal and ECO Awards took place at the Palace Hotel in Manchester on the 19th June and recognised the excellent work the energy efficiency sector is doing, whilst encouraging best practice throughout the industry.

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