It’s A Clean Leap As Mira Adds Biocote® To Enclosure Seals

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Kohler Mira Ltd

23rd May 2016

Mira Showers – the UK’s leading manufacturer of showering products and accessories – has enhanced its installer-friendly Leap enclosure range with the incorporation of BioCote ® into all of its door seals. BioCote ® is an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial additive that stops discolouration and reduces bacteria and mould growth by up to 99.9%.

This improves lifetime enclosure appearance while reducing the need for choresome cleaning and maintenance. The finish, based on silver ion technology, is integral to the seals and will not wear off or wash away – so they retain their anti-bacterial properties for life.

The incorporation of BioCote ® into Leap means the Mira ‘BioCote ® family’ now extends to Flight Low and Safe shower trays; and Flight Modular Wall pre-formed tiling panels.

The Leap range of shower enclosures delivers a clean, on-trend contemporary aesthetic combined with high-quality, engineered design features that also make it highly robust – it comes with a market-leading lifetime guarantee – and simple to install.

Central to this ‘installability’ is Twist & Lock’, a patented installation system that removes the need to drill and screw through the door profile, wall jambs and channel.  Each wall channel allows for adjustment of up to 30mm on out-of-true wall. The enclosure frame is offered into the ‘U’ and – when square and level – and secured with a simple quarter-turn from a 3mm Allen key.  

This innovative, integral locking device achieves a perfect fit in record time and tests have shown the system to improve installation time by up to 50%.

Other quality accents that determine the difference in how the enclosures look, feel and operate against the competition include a choice of 6mm and 8mm CleancoatTM safety glass that provides a solid and refined appearance; while high grade aluminium extrusions not only look great but are highly resistant to corrosion.

Adjustable double rollers, pivot blocks and ball catches ensure that the doors will operate perfectly throughout the enclosures’ lifetime. Those fixtures and fittings that are subject to immersion – such as pivot block pins and screws – are stainless steel to give consistent performance over years of use. The double rollers with stainless steel, full complement ball races ensure that sliding doors operate smoothly and consistently.  Doors and side panels are also supplied pre-assembled, and the symmetrical double handled doors are purposely unhanded to be interchangeable.

This emphasis on minimising work on site means that only eight screws are needed to fit each door, the door-stops are pre-installed and the double rollers, pivot blocks and ball catches are all easily adjustable to fit the particular project.

The effect of a premium, prestige system is further reinforced by features such as invisible fixings without intrusive screw caps, extrusions that are precision-engineered with fine detailing and meticulous design has cut soap and grime traps to a minimum.

As part of ensuring that every part of the enclosure is fit for purpose, doors are tested for 32,000 slam cycles – equivalent to 20 years use by a family of four showering daily. Similarly, every panel tested to BS EN14428+A1 (2008) which represents the impact of being hit by a 125kg person falling over. The result is that the Leap range of shower enclosures is a ‘fit and forget’ product backed up by its lifetime guarantee.

The Leap range is comprehensive, offering a wide choice of doors – pivot doors, bifold, sliding, double sliders – together with a choice of quadrant, pentagon and walk-in enclosures, complemented by divider panels, side panels and an inline panel. These can be combined to offer a wide variety of enclosure styles to suit any situation, from large walk-in areas to compact en suite facilities.

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