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26th Jan 2015

Heathrow’s new Terminal 2, also known as The Queen’s Terminal, boasts exceptional architectural design and is 40 per cent more carbon efficient than the previous building. Kalzip’s large waveform roof bestows one of the iconic features of the terminal and thanks to Knauf Insulation’s close working partnership with the company, its Earthwool Building Slab RS45 insulation products in 50mm and 75mm were installed within the 40,000m 2 Kalzip System in the AluPlusPatina finish.

Simon McLeman, Export Sales Director UK at Kalzip, commented: “When the project began at the end of 2010 we were tasked, alongside contractors Lakesmere, to develop a roofing structure that would be vital to the overall appearance of the building and one that would fulfil the stringent acoustic criteria – whilst working to tight deadlines.

“With our previous experience working across major projects, we established likely insulation specifications and tested them in an accredited acoustic laboratory to find out what would and would not work in terms of sound absorption. Following extensive testing, we chose to install Knauf Insulation’s Earthwool Building Slab RS45 insulation in two densities as it met the performance standards we required.

“We decided to take a multi layer approach when it came to installing Knauf Insulation’s products. By layering the insulation products in different densities across the Kalzip standing seam roof, we were able to meet the rigorous sound absorption and sound transmission measures, whilst retaining the form and functionality required by the designers.”

As a robust, resilient and dense rock mineral wool insulation slab, Knauf Insulation’s Earthwool Building Slab RS45 has excellent acoustic properties that helps to reduce the impact of airborne and rain impact noise – especially when installed in a combination of two different thicknesses: 50mm and 75mm, with a 45kg/m 3 density. The Earthwool Building Slab also has an excellent thermal conductivity of 0.035W/mK, helping to provide passengers with a comfortable environment.  

Simon continued: “We have been working with Knauf Insulation for over 16 years, and the manufacturer has become one of our key supply partners. Knauf Insulation’s products have been specified for a large variety of commercial projects thanks to their excellent performance standards.”  

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