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Pegler Yorkshire

26th Sep 2018

The leading UK manufacturer of pipes, valves and fittings, is drawing on hundreds of years of expertise from within the UK and across the globe to be the UK’s only Integrated Piping Systems provider to the plumbing and heating industry.

Pegler Yorkshire, part of the Aalberts Group, will be bringing together its technologies under the iconic brand name of Pegler.

Phill Jackson, Marketing and Business Development Director Pegler commented: “This is a truly exciting time for us, we are renowned for our expertise in valve and fitting technology for domestic, commercial and industrial applications and have now combined this knowledge together with Dutch group member VSH to create a seamless integrated piping system solution for applications across the board.

“The Pegler brand is so iconic, in fact it still remains 198 feet in the air displayed on the original, and now redundant, furnace chimney at our manufacturing plant in Doncaster.  So we know our customers will instantly recognise the quality, innovation and performance of their Integrated Piping System.”

Through understanding customer needs and changing environments, requirements and technologies, Pegler has developed world-class modern connection and valve technologies that combined provide unique systems.

“In today’s modern construction environment the emphasis is on efficiency whether that is encapsulated by the building’s requirements or the project’s and with an Integrated Piping System that works harmoniously offering seamless connectivity and performance this is absolutely achieved,” concluded Phill Jackson.

To underpin the company’s commitment to a total system solution Pegler recently launched Warranty Plus, a three stage process for large scale projects, which sees the company’s expert team working with contractors on system design, providing commentary on expansion, contraction, valve sizing and positioning, commissioning and BIM compliance, through to installation training, using, onsite and online resources, and finally the provision of system and water conditioning using the latest technology and processes, commissioning and aftercare.  Which provides reassurance on the entire system with a guarantee of up to 25 years.

“As a business, applying more focus to the critical areas of efficiency within a plumbing system and, by encouraging customers to use a fully integrated piping system, this enables us to support projects from the word go.  Customers are literally able to put our expertise to the test as we offer assistance from planning through to commissioning something that can be extremely beneficial in achieving optimised system goals,” concluded Phill Jackson.

The move to becoming a fully integrated piping system provider has resulted in Pegler transferring its taps and mixers business to group member Comap, who will commence distribution and supply of taps and mixers from 1 st January 2019.

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