Five decades as a pioneering force within the heating industry

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16th Dec 2013

421-Fernox five decades

This year, Fernox celebrates five decades of being a pioneering force within the heating industry. Here, Francine Wickham, Global Marketing Director for Fernox explores the valuable contribution the company has made to educating the market on the importance of chemical water treatment and shaping best practice within the sector.

Over the last fifty years Fernox has grown to become a global leader in water treatment products, filters and equipment, with a worldwide network of the industry’s largest, purpose built  R&D facilities and a team of 58 dedicated scientists from different disciplines ranging from material science, to metallurgy, chemical and mechanical engineering as well as nano technology.

Since 1964, it is this breadth of knowledge that has enabled Fernox to bring to market game-changing products, such as Central Heating Protector MB-1, which was launched in 1983 and remains extremely popular today. Furthermore, Fernox has been the first to market with innovative products such as concentrated products, superconcentrate gels and powerflushing machines to the first magnetic filter - the Fernox Boiler Buddy.

The introduction of this filter led to the development of the award -winning TF1 Total Filter, which uses hydrocyclonic and magnetic action to remove contaminants from central heating system water and the innovative TF1 Compact, which is ideal for systems where access to the boiler is restricted or space limited. The 15% gas saving and carbon saving benefits of its Fernox Cleaner F3 and Protector F1 products have even been verified by the Carbon Trust since 2011.

Unfortunately, all central heating systems are vulnerable to the effects of sludge and limescale build-up, if not properly maintained. When the boiler and radiators are blocked with magnetite and debris, more energy is required to circulate the water and transfer heat throughout the system. This is why chemical water treatment is so crucial, as it prevents this problem from occurring.

As well as traditional systems, Fernox has developed a whole new generation of chemical water treatments for renewable technologies as well as keeping environmentally friendly formulations at the forefront of its strategy. Fernox continues to place a great deal of focus on educating installers and homeowners on the importance of protecting both traditional and renewable central heating systems.

2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Fernox, with a host of promotions, competitions and events planned including a prize draw to win £50,000 worth of heating products stocked (subject to usual terms and conditions). This will be the largest ever-promotional prize offered in the plumbing and heating sector and will be an apt way to celebrate the Fernox 50th anniversary.

For further details on the Fernox £50,000 promotion visit:

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