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Hambleside Danelaw

22nd Feb 2017

Traditionally flashing external areas of the roof can be a time consuming, highly skilled and labour intensive job. Depending on what material is used, it can also be potentially hazardous to the end user and the environment. Hambleside Danelaw is excited to announce the launch of their new environmentally friendly, lead alternative flashing, Fast Flash!

With the common knowledge of an increasing skills shortage and skills gap in the industry, Fast Flash is the ideal solution. 50% quicker to install than lead, extremely flexible, malleable and requiring no specialist tools to fit, Fast Flash can be used on multiple applications, including;

  • Valley head and eaves
  • Wall abutments
  • Chimney perimeters
  • Dormers and rooflights
  • Solar panels
  • Pipe flashings

Fast Flash is manufactured in a patented “wet in wet” method ensuring no delamination can occur. The composite comprises of an aluminium grid embedded in a polymer rubber that is available in three colours including the lead looking, traffic grey. Fast Flash has great stretching ability and can be increased by 60% in length and 20% in width to suit a variety of detailing requirements.

The secure and durable flashing is compatible with most commonly used roof coverings so only one product is needed in the van. No gluing or welding is necessary, due to the fully adhesive backing making it quick and easy to install. Off-cuts are reusable therefore leaving the user with minimal waste, reducing material costs.

For more information on Fast Flash, visit us or contact Hambleside Danelaw today.

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