First Diploma Awarded On British Gypsum’s Merchant Training Course

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British Gypsum

4th Oct 2016

Allan Orr, a sales coordinator at SIG Interiors in Glasgow, has recently become the first person to receive a diploma in British Gypsum Products and Systems Knowledge after completing both British Gypsum’s e-Learning for Resellers and the Pure Practical course with a score of 100 per cent.

With a background in car parts and servicing with BMW, Allan came to construction just under two years ago with no other training in the industry other than his induction with SIG.

Speaking about his training, Allan said: “I am still relatively new to the industry and didn’t know the technical differences in the various products and systems.

“The practical training, getting hands on with the products, really helped to reinforce the knowledge I picked up through the e-learning. I’m now a lot more confident in making recommendations to customers.”

Allan has now enrolled in a Higher National Diploma in construction management and credits British Gypsum’s course with encouraging him to take the step back into education.

Allan concluded: “I can’t thank British Gypsum enough. The courses really stood me in good stead for taking on more training and I’m now working towards my HND. I think training should always be a priority for employees and employers alike, I speak to customers every day who expect me to be knowledgeable and now thanks to British Gypsum I can support them in choosing the right products for a job.”

Diplomas in British Gypsum Products and Systems Knowledge are awarded to anyone who completes both British Gypsum e-Learning for Resellers and the Pure Practical course.

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