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24th Oct 2013


Fernox: Technical excellence of 58 strong R&D scientists: Born to Lead, Not to Follow

For 50 years, since its establishment in 1964, Fernox has been leading the water treatment market. Fernox was not only the world’s first water treatment company to pioneer the introduction of revolutionary products such as the first domestic corrosion inhibitor, the first flushing machine and the first Superconcentrate range of environmentally friendly chemicals. This heritage of innovation has been a product of a company-wide commitment to high quality research and development and the company’s ability to think ‘outside of the box’

 Fernox benefits from a worldwide network of the industry’s largest, purpose built, in-house research and development facilities. With a team of 58 dedicated scientists from different disciplines ranging from chemistry, material science, to metallurgy, chemical and mechanical engineering as well as nano technology, the majority of whom are PhD qualified and experts in their field. Fernox’s parent company, Alent, offers further specialist resource to develop the products needed in today’s H&V industry with over 250 scientists and engineers located at 5 global research centres.

This breadth of knowledge and experience is unrivalled in the industry, making Fernox uniquely placed to invent, adapt and improve its product line. This has allowed Fernox to create new and ground-breaking products, such as the TF1 Compact, Express aerosol range, Energy Saver F6 and best-in-class heat transfer fluids - all designed to make it easier for installers to use and for home-owners to get the best from their central heating systems.

But it’s not just the development of new products.  The Fernox ethos of constant improvement also includes its established products. Rather than rest on its laurels, the Fernox R&D team took the award-winning TF1 and developed a new, patented, ‘Twist Click and Lock’ mechanism, making the unit even faster and easier to install. Fernox has an ongoing product review system in place to regularly update its line of chemical products, using the latest technologies and formulations to ensure they are the highest quality, performing chemicals available. In addition, they have implemented different dosing methods and applications, such as the Superconcentrate and Express range, making it faster, easier and more convenient for installers to use Fernox products. Fernox constantly strives to update and enhance its existing products, to ensure they stay ahead of the field.

Looking to the future, Fernox has a range of new products in the development and testing phase working on the next landmark product.  In its 50th anniversary year, 2014 is shaping up to be another interesting year for Fernox, and its ever-growing portfolio is a testament to the quality and ingenuity of its extensive research and development team.  Coupled with its bespoke world class research facilities, Fernox R&D is the best in the business. Fernox has been the market leader for 50 years, and it is the ceaseless drive for the advancement of water treatment that will ensure Fernox remains the market leader for the next 50 years.

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