Fernox Gets the Seal of Approval in Derby

By Administrator


16th May 2014

After years of experiencing issues on a range of different central heating system filters, Vinshire Plumbing & Heating Limited has switched to using the Fernox TF1 Compact filter. As a result, the team has reduced the amount of installation time spent on-site as well as the number of callbacks received.

Since 1989 Vinshire Plumbing & Heating limited has served the local community in Derby, specialising in the installation of domestic central heating systems, gas service and the maintenance of domestic appliances. Over the last decade, the company has installed 15,000 central heating systems and boiler upgrades in the East Midlands area. Moreover, the company is at present looking after approximately 110 installations per week.

“Most of our installations now incorporate a filter as it’s proven to be a reliable way of removing debris from existing systems and maintaining water clarity in new installs”, commented Simon Burdell, Procurement Manager at Vinshire Plumbing & Heating Limited.

“The Fernox TF1 Compact is now our filter of choice. The filter’s superior build quality, competitive price and the fact that its manufactured by such a trusted brand in the industry only further adds to its desirability.”

The Fernox TF1 Compact is ideal for both new and existing systems as it uses hydrocyclonic action to deliver central heating system contaminants to the unit's specially designed magnet assembly. The TF1 Compact has been developed to fit on to domestic heating systems where installation access is restricted. Providing multiple orientation capability enabled by its unique inlet/outlet port, the filter can be installed 45 degrees if headroom clearance is limited, and can be fitted directly onto 22mm vertical or horizontal pipework.

In addition, when required Vinshire Plumbing & Heating is utilising Fernox’s new TF1 Range Seal and ‘O’ Ring Kit, which contains all the necessary seals to keep a TF1 filter water tight following installation, servicing and maintenance of the unit. Best practice dictates that when fitting a filter, if the lid has been removed for some reason prior to installation, the pre-assembled lid ‘O’ ring should be replaced due to compression that might have occurred in the process of removal.

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