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8th Oct 2013

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Fernox has launched a new version of its popular Heating System Size Calculator App, which now includes underfloor heating installations as well as traditional central heating systems. In addition, it provides further flexibility with two methods of calculating the volume of a domestic or commercial central heating system. 

Free to download and suitable for use on Android, iPhone, iPad and other Android devices, the Fernox App quickly and accurately calculates the size of a central heating system and recommends the correct chemical water treatment products and the dosage level required to extend the life of the boiler and system- taking out the guesswork for dosing, treating and protecting the system from damaging corrosion.

The new version of the Heating System Size Calculator App now includes the option to calculate for underfloor heating systems, identifying the dosage level required of Fernox Antifreeze Protector Alphi-11 to protect the system from corrosion and limescale and help maintain long-term efficiency.

New features also include a combination boiler option as well as two methods of calculating the system size; either by input (the boiler kW rating) or by output (the number of radiators or underfloor heating circuits). The new version of the app also allows installers to view instantly and join Fernox’s social media channels as well as facilitating a direct link to the Fernox Technical Helpline if further assistance is required.

To download the new App simply search for: Heating System Size Calculator or for further information please visit:  

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