Enhancements take Mira's Flight to new heights

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Kohler Mira Ltd

14th Apr 2014

Mira Flight Enhancements

Hard on the heels of reducing Flight shower tray prices by up to 50% – thanks to cost-savings arising from a new purpose-built UK factory – Mira Showers has enhanced the market-leading range with subtle design changes that keep it at the forefront of modern bathroom style.

To fit in with the latest aesthetics, the latest models now have an ultra-sleek look, with no pattern on the floor, and tighter corners throughout the top surface to give a sharp, contemporary appearance. To cap it off, the waste now has a solid, colour-matched cover that is strong enough to stand on and which adds to the clean, minimalist finish.

To match the shower tray, the new additional riser kit has also been improved while retaining the same easy-to-fit qualities of the original design. The fascia panels now fit under the shower tray rather than on its front face while the quad panels are now shorter and in a new style but are still supplied as a single wrap-around strip. An extra central leg for additional support reinforces the riser, making it more robust. The original flexible-height-panel riser kit is still available.

All the features that have made the Flight shower trays such a success are retained – their durability, strength and ease of installation. Manufactured from hard-wearing acrylic resin stone, Mira Flight shower trays are extremely light - 20% lighter than similar products made from acrylic capped resin stone.

This material also ensures that the trays are very tough, resisting chipping and scratches to retain their integrity throughout their life.

They incorporate the BioCote® finish which not only reduces bacteria and mould by up to 99.9% but also protects against discolouration. Unlike other forms of protection BioCote® will never wear off or wash away. Installation is kept convenient as a waste is still included with the tray. Flight Trays have an overall height of 90mm with while upstand products add a further 24mm.


The Flight range also has strong environmental credentials because of the technology it employs and the large proportion of recycled material it incorporates. The back skin of all of the Mira trays is made from 90% recycled acrylic and the Flight ranges uses less material than other brands due to its unique patented back-hat design, which saves weight, reduces material and provides rigidity. The company’s recycling policy ensures that all acrylic off cuts are sold and fed back into the industry while the custom built pallets are used and re-used until failure and then re-cycled.

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