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25th Mar 2015

Working out which insulation product and thickness you need for a job can be a real hassle, particularly with the complexity of Building Regulations or Standards. EcoTherm Insulation is helping to take the stress out of this process with its new Flat Roof and Structural Quick Guides, providing an ‘all in one’ reference point for merchants, distributors and end users such as contractors, builders and DIYers.

The handy A5 Flat Roof Quick Guide is available now via EcoTherm’s new countertop dispensers at builder’s merchants, with the Structural Quick Guide set to be launched in April. The guides can also be downloaded or hard copies requested directly from the EcoTherm website: http://www.ecotherm.co.uk/literature/quick_guides.aspx

Both booklets are written in plain English and provide clear information on EcoTherm’s insulation products, installation guidelines and an overview of British Building Regulations with typical thicknesses to meet them.

The Building Regulation guidelines cover the current insulation performance requirements for domestic and non-domestic buildings in England, Wales and Scotland.

The product selector helps readers quickly identify which of EcoTherm’s comprehensive range of rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation boards is best suited to a specific application. The Quick Guides then provide key technical information for each product, along with general guidance on how to cut and store them and where they can be purchased.

In addition, there is also detailed step-by-step installation instructions for the most common applications, accompanied with laying patterns, diagrams and typical product thicknesses required to achieve a desired U-value.

The Quick Guides support EcoTherm’s commitment to providing straight talking, easy to understand advice and information to both its suppliers and product installers.  Whether you’re on site, in the office or at the builders merchants, EcoTherm’s fuss free Quick Guides help to make the insulation process a breeze.


For more information please contact:

Tel: 01702 520166

email: technical@ecotherm.co.uk

Website: http://www.ecotherm.co.uk/


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