EARTHWOOL® Omnifit – The Merchant Friendly Product

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Knauf Insulation

29th Apr 2016

On Wednesday 13 th April, Knauf Insulation showcased its merchant friendly Earthwool OmniFit range, encompassing OmniFit Roll, Slab and Stud, at the NMBS exhibition, held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

Earthwool OmniFit is a multi-purpose range that allows merchant customers to use each product for multiple applications. It also delivers outstanding thermal (lower lambda value and higher R-value), acoustic (meets the minimum 40dB requirement in Part E) and fire performance (A1 Euroclass non-combustible), whilst fully complying with Building Regulations.

Knauf Insulation utilised its demonstration rig on the stand to show how robust and lightweight Earthwool OmniFit Slab was, by comparing it to existing rock mineral wool products on the market.

Knauf Insulation also explained to merchants how Earthwool OmniFit includes more material per pallet than alternatives. This allows for more product to be kept in the allocated storage space and on the delivery vehicles to site, saving on fuel used and co 2 emissions.

Phil Rigby, Glass Product Manager, from Knauf Insulation, commented:  “The day was a great success with very positive feedback from customers and plenty of orders being placed for Earthwool OmniFit.”

Knauf Insulation provides literature and point of sale material for those who stock Earthwool OmniFit. This allows the merchant to educate their customers on the true benefits of the products and lets them feel the difference .

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