Dustless Drilling from Spit

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ITW Construction Products

18th Nov 2013

Spit are proud to unveil the latest additions to their expanding Power Tools range with the launch of their new site drilling system, a combination off three fantastic products that enables almost dustless drilling.

The user-friendly Universal Dust Extractor is ideal for most drilling applications, removing 99% of dust and spoil produced during drilling and helping to improve drilling speed, increasing the life of your battery and enhancing the life of any drill bit. It is compatible for use with 4mm to 12mm drill bits of any length and provides self-adhesion to any substrate thanks to its powerful 1600W of suction.

The Spit 328 Evo+ 28V Lithium SDS-plus Hammer Drill works perfectly with the Universal Dust Extractor. With its lightweight and high impact force, the Spit 328 Lithium keeps you working efficiently and continuously, and when these two products are used alongside the AC1630 Wet and Dry Extractor you have the ideal combination for dust free drilling in any substrate.

If you would like further information about these Spit Dustless Drilling products, or any others in the Spit Power Tools range, please contact ITW Construction Products Customer Services on 0800 652 9260.

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