Consistent Driveway Drainage Damage Linked To Load-Bearing Misspecification

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ACO Technologies

23rd May 2016

Thousands of UK driveways are at risk of sustained drainage issues due to the under-specification of drainage channels with appropriate load-bearing capacity.

The warning, from ACO Technologies, one of the UK’s leading drainage manufacturers, is the result of increasing concerns that low load-bearing A 15 drainage channels are being incorrectly used for trafficked applications.

“There is a concerning trend within the construction industry of low load-bearing capacity drainage channels, such as those designed for use on pedestrian footpaths, being used on driveway entrances, despite not having the load-bearing capacity to cope with vehicle traffic,” comments Phil Windus of ACO Technologies.

The issue likely stems from a lack of training amongst subcontractors and groundworkers about the designated purposes of drainage channels and their composite materials.

The long-term consequences of installing the wrong drainage channels can be easily avoided by installing B 125 and C 250 load class drainage channels, which are readily available alongside A 15 channels from most builders’ merchants.

Mr Windus continues: “B 125 and C 250 channels are sometimes overlooked due to a slightly higher purchase price, but their enhanced strength and load-bearing capabilities enables them to withstand the rigours of regular contact with vehicles without compromising on drainage ability.

“Both manufacturers and merchants have a duty to ensure the correct products are used and specified by housebuilders, driveway specialists, subcontractors and groundworkers. However, I would also encourage any contractor who is unsure as to what is the most appropriate solution, to have the confidence to speak directly with their merchant or the manufacturer to clarify what may or may not be suitable.”

There are a wide range of products on the market – such as the RainDrain B 125, RainDrain Brickslot B 125, HexDrain Pro and CivicDrain ranges from ACO – which are designed specifically for trafficked applications, such as driveways and small car parks.

Fully CE marked and certified to Load Class B 125 and C 250 respectively, in line with BS EN 1433:2002, ACO’s RainDrain B 125, RainDrain Brickslot B 125, and HexDrain Pro and CivicDrain drainage channels are all easy to install and offer a long-lasting and sustainable driveway drainage solution.

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