Comprehensive Water Management Range Available Now To Merchants

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22nd Jun 2016

Products ranging from domestic-level flood control all the way to large-scale river management items will make up Flexseal’s new water management product category, the company has announced.  The majority of the products are new to the company but all control the flow of water and are essential to the prevention of flooding, although they range in scale.

“At the smaller end of the range, we offer valves for domestic properties, that could be stocked ready for sale to builders or drainage contractors for new-build or retrofit work.  At the larger end, we can supply specified products for river management or sewage works directly to site, but purchased through merchants, as with all of our ranges,” explained Graham Gibbs, Flexseal’s Water Management Category Manager.

The company reports that it has looked to include innovative products within its range, which will complement each other to create a full suite of solutions.  Flexseal’s retrofit NRV was the first of its type on the market and simply pushes into the manhole inlet for the property it will protect.  The flap valves and penstocks within the range are manufactured by specialist supplier Waterfront Fluid Controls.  They are made from HDPE and have been engineered to a high durability specification with lower weight for easier and lower cost installation.

“We’re working in partnership with Waterfront Fluid Controls, whose expert team of designers have created intelligent alternative products for this market, which are already well-known and specified by the Water Companies and Environment Agency,” Gibbs commented.  “Overall, we’ve put together a range of products that contractors and specifiers will want to use for their simplicity on site and their high performance once fitted.”

The Flexseal water management category includes:

  • A WRc-approved, retrofit non-return valve
  • A range of inline backwater valves
  • HDPE flap valves: wall-, spigot- and flange-mounted
  • Stainless steel & HDPE penstocks
  • Storm Drain Plus domestic channel drain
  • Commercial channel drain

Major floods almost every winter of the last decade have seen water management remain high on the political agenda.  A group of lobbyists including representatives from the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), the Chartered Institution of Water & Environmental Management (CIWEM) and Water UK recently joined forces to push the House of Lords to ensure new housing legislation protects homes from flooding 1.

 “Water management, and particularly flood control, is an area where we see huge potential growth,” explained Gibbs.  “The desire to prevent disasters such as those we’ve increasingly seen over the last decade leaves those in authority searching for suitable solutions.  Increased legislation may well be the outcome.  The construction sector will have to rise to the challenge on this issue.”


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