Celotex Innovates With New Premium Flooring Insulation Board

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21st Mar 2016

An innovator in the insulation sector, industry leader Celotex has announced the release of Celotex FI5000, a premium performance flooring solution which is suitable for concrete slab, beam and block, suspended timber and underfloor heating applications.

Offering enhanced thermal insulation with a super low lambda value of 0.021W/mK, Celotex FI5000 achieves compliance to UK building regulations with better U-values and thinner solutions. FI5000 combines best in class PIR insulation with an innovative composite facer featuring a built-in separating layer enabling direct screed (when taped), saving money and time on site.

Ideal for a range of flooring applications, Celotex FI5000 features an enhanced compressive strength value of ≥175 kPa making it incredibly robust. Manufactured with installation efficiency in mind, Celotex is easy to cut and install, saving time during application.  

“Thermal performance has become a critical element of modern floor design,” said Paul Evans, Head of Marketing at Celotex. “Celotex FI5000 is a welcomed addition to our comprehensive and innovative range and will ensure specifiers minimise the downward heat loss in buildings whilst at the same time compliment the traditional design goals of floors.”

Available in thicknesses from 75mm to 125mm and a board size of 1200mm x 2400mm, Celotex FI5000 can be installed in a range of flooring applications and is supported by the Celotex Technical Centre and Thermal Bridging Models, available at

Celotex has a long and proud history of continuing to develop new and innovative solutions. With a clear focus on maximising thermal efficiency with thinner solutions, the new Celotex FI5000 future proofs the energy efficiency of new and existing buildings.

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