Carbon Trust Certification Awarded to ACO

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ACO Technologies

4th Mar 2014

 Richard Hill ACO MD presented with Carbon Trust Certification

ACO Technologies has been awarded ‘The Carbon Trust Certification’, a mark of excellence in recognition of measuring, managing and reducing carbon emissions on a company-wide scale. 

ACO’s achievement has also shown that the company has complied with the forthcoming need to meet the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU) well in advance of having to do so.  It states that all large companies with more than 250 employees and with an annual turnover exceeding €50 million are to complete an energy consumption assessment every four years that displays a proactive approach to the reduction of carbon emissions across the company.

To achieve the certification, ACO measured its carbon footprint over a three-year period and through implementing a series of measures was able to demonstrate an absolute reduction in carbon emissions. 

The savings were made through a range of initiatives. This included the use of ‘Vienite’; a polymer resin and gravel composite material that is made with a minimum of 20% recycled content and has the added benefit of an end of life recyclability as a road sub-base. This ground breaking new material is now being used in the manufacture the of all ACO polymer concrete based products.

The production process of a number of ACO’s core product ranges, including Qmax, was also reviewed. One new addition in the process is the improved systems for efficiency in material use within the plastic product process; this includes recycling and reuse.

Looking at every facet of their logistics, ACO have been able to demonstrate how even the simplest things can make a big difference. The improved efficiency of transport logistics was reached by removing a single wooden spacer used during transport, with no detrimental effect to the product, and that has now resulted in a 20% increase in transportation efficiency, plus reduced resource consumption.

Richard Hill, Managing Director of ACO accepted the award from Andrew Paterson an Associate Director of the Carbon Trust, on the ACO Technologies stand at this year’s Ecobuild exhibition. Richard said: “While the construction industry has taken several steps forward in addressing key environmental and social sustainability challenges, our customers are increasingly demanding more sustainable practices. This, coupled with current and forthcoming legislation, is driving the market for a greener, more sustainable construction sector. We very much see the Carbon Trust Certification as a key facilitator in our push for continual improvement and I am delighted to achieve this recognition, particularly in light of ACO being a key supplier in helping create sustainable integrated systems.”

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