BWT Supports The HHIC’s Updated Guidance For Luxury Water® Softeners And Boilers

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5th Mar 2018

Whilst most people will agree that limescale and today’s modern central heating boilers don’t mix, opinion has long been divided on the use of a water softener as an effective solution to protect it. Mixed messages from the trade, boiler manufacturers and press alike have previously made it difficult for the Installer or consumer to make an informed choice on whether the two can coexist.

As a manufacturer of Luxury Water® softeners, BWT welcomes the change in the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council’s (HHIC) guidance for water softeners and boilers with the publication of their Consumer Guide ‘Protecting your boiler and heating system’. Packed full of useful information including clear advice on the use of Water softeners like our own Luxury Water® range alongside a modern central heating system. The guide is an invaluable aid to those Installers selling and installing both products and consumers keen to protect their home and boiler from limescale.

The advice focuses on the boiler manufacturer’s recommendations, simple good practice and differentiates between the primary circuit (heating) and the secondary or hot water circuit. It explains that where the boiler manufacturer advises against filling the primary circuit with softened water, it simply requires the installer to temporarily bypass the softener during the filling process or if appropriate to ensure a separate mains water feed is available.

Their final advice is clear if in doubt always seek the advice of your boiler manufacturer and comply with their instructions to ensure any warranty is not compromised. More information on Luxury Water® softeners and training can be found at and the HHIC guide will be available to download from their website at

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