BWT’s Drinking Water Filter Kits

By Admin


18th Jul 2018

BWT’s Drinking Water Filter Kits are the perfect solution for customers who want to improve the taste of their tap water. They are also the perfect solution for the installer who wants something easy to fit and competitively priced. Many use a self-piercing valve, and there is a wide variety of filter types, from simple in-line filters to multiple filters for more demanding situations.

Entry-level Kits are the simplest to install and include push fit couplings, usually a separate drinking water tap and complete fixing kit for easy installation. Whilst their compact size makes them ideal for kitchens where space is limited. Your customers will love the easy to change filters and the great taste of their water as well. 

BWT also offer kits that are more suited to higher flow rates or complex filtering issues. So whether your customer is worried about taste and odour or concerned about unwanted elements in their water supply talk to us on 01494 838100. Our advice is free and we will be happy to guide you to a solution that is right for your customer and you.

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