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15th May 2014


The start of the year has seen demand rise steadily for the ‘Push - Fit’ versions of the new Liff compact range of physical scale reducers from BWT, as more and more installers recognise they can now enjoy all the benefits of the new all metal range, without having to sacrifice the added convenience of Push-Fit connectors.

Developed with the help of BWT installers, the new ‘Push-Fits’, have been designed to meet the needs of professional installers looking for a reliable and effective scale inhibitor that is quick and straightforward to install even where space is at a premium. In addition to meeting these requirements, the new models have been designed for all UK domestic plumbing systems, can be used in hot water applications, and are compatible with all modern pipework materials. 

Despite their small dimensions, the new physicals encompass an advanced electrolytic or magnetic core and ‘full flow technology’ for greater performance, demonstrating that it’s not always size that matters when it comes to the control of limescale.

Their neat and unobtrusive all-new metal body’s sleek design complements professional installations whilst, making them durable and less prone to accidental damage. With Sizes between 150-167mm in length, the new models are some of the shortest scale inhibitors on the market, offering straightforward installation even where space is tight, with the speed of  push fit technology.

The Limebeater and Limefighter Compact range offers installers an easy solution to comply with Part L requirements, so are perfect for new builds as well as existing domestic applications where ease of installation, reliability and performance are vital. Suitable for both 15mm and 22mm installations all models are available with ‘Push–Fit’ or compression fittings 

The Limebeater and Limefighter Compact ranges include models suitable for single appliances or the whole house protection and are available from all leading merchants. For more information on these products or any other scale reduction devices, call BWT on 01376 334 200 or e-mail

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