BWT Launches Eco Water Softener

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10th Apr 2012

BWT – the Best Water Technology Group is Europe’s leading water treatment company. BWT’s continuous focus on research, development and sustainability is why 2012 sees the launch of the Prismertec Eco.

The Prismertec Eco is a water softener that has fantastic credentials. It delivers all the benefits of soft water whilst offering an outstanding Eco performance, allowing professional installers to sell with confidence to even their most environmentally aware customers.

The Prismertec Eco combines German precision engineering with all of the best attributes of UK manufacturing such as design and reliability. It is able to deliver all of the normal advantages of a conventional water softener (kitchen, bathroom and boiler protection, bathing luxury and cleaning benefits), whilst having a minimal impact on the environment. BWT’s technological advancement ensures that it uses up to 43% less waste water and 30% less salt during regenerations, putting it in a league of its own when up against other comparable models. This innovative softener marks the first stage in the future of water softeners.

The Prismertec Eco’s superior technology is complimented by the simple installation and set-up which is a key feature on all BWT water softeners (WatersideTM included). It has been specially designed and manufactured in the UK for UK plumbing systems so fits comfortably in most kitchen environments, making it a sure-fire hit with installers. The Prismertec Eco uses some of the most sophisticated water treatment technology available in order to deliver its class leading performance, creating a perfect balance between meeting the needs of today’s discerning consumer and the professional installer.

For more information on the Prismertec Eco or our other products, call BWT UK Limited on 01376 334 200.

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