BWT Launch All-new Compact Physical Scale Inhibitor Range

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20th Jan 2014

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BWT, Europe’s No.1 in water technology, launched their all-new range of compact physical devices in September, and they have already become a firm favourite with installers up and down the country. With stock flying off the shelf, installers have quickly recognised that the compact size and new design of the Limebeater and Limefighter ranges speeds up installation, making their day that bit easier.

Whilst not literally beaming down from outer space, the next generation of scale inhibitors from BWT do deliver a wealth of new features, benefits and technology which is evident from the very moment you open the box. The solid professional feel generated by the smooth, sweeping lines on their all-metal body leaves you in no doubt that these are professional products, designed and developed for today’s busy installers. 

With one of the units in your hand, you are immediately aware of their compact size and solid build, making them ideal for all domestic applications, even where space is limited and a conventional scale inhibitor is simply too large to comfortably install.

The highly polished, smooth body and professional finish allows for the new range of scale inhibitors to installed with complete confidence, even where the final installation is likely to be visible to the customer. The smart and futuristic appearance will certainly help create an aura around the product with the illusion of a product costing considerably more than its competitive price in store.

The performance of the new range might not be comparable to warp factor nine and enough to jump to hyperspace but with ‘nu flow technology’, it is more than capable in helping to protect homes from the harsh effects of limescale and ensuring your appliances, power showers and pressurised hot water systems are not starved of water.

With conventional compression fittings and push-fit models, magnetic or electrolytic technologies to choose from and models to suit both 15 and 22mm pipe sizes, the next generation of Liff scale inhibitors are simply light years ahead of some older model ranges where installers simply had less choice.

The next generation of Liff scale inhibitors are available from all good earth-based plumbing merchants where installers can choose from one of eight models, ensuring they have the right unit for every job. 

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