BWT Launch Advertising Campaign Aimed at Helping Installers

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20th Jan 2014

BWT, Europe’s No. 1 water technology company have taken brisk action to help alleviate some of the misunderstanding growing in the market place regarding the terminology used in describing the various types of water treatment products typically available via the merchant.

By launching ‘No Compromise’, a trade press and in branch advertising campaign, BWT are helping installers clearly identify the benefits associated with each broad type of water treatment. The campaign has a simple message; if a customer is looking for the luxury water benefits associated with softened water, then there can be no compromise, and only an ion exchange water softener like the BWT WS range can do the job effectively.

BWT UK’s Technical Director, Steve Sperring, explains that despite the best efforts of the installer and the industry, customers can become confused with the products on offer, which is often not helped by the way they are described.

Water softeners and water conditioners are a case in point. It is generally agreed that water softeners work by removing the hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium) from the water, using a process called Ion exchange, leaving the home owner with softened water.

Water conditioners, on the other hand, do not soften the water and instead simply control or inhibit the build-up of scale in a variety of ways e.g. by adding small amounts of polyphosphate to the water or by changing its physical properties through magnetism, electrolytic, mineral bed or electronic means. Whilst explaining the differences to the customer is not easy for the installer when such devices are referred to as ‘saltless water softeners’, it simply adds to the confusion.

The ‘No Compromise’ campaign will also be supported in branch with posters and information sheets which expand on the information carried by the advertisements. These can also be downloaded from the BWT UK website and clicking on the download button. It is hoped that the installer will, by using the advertisement and downloads, have the information they need to demonstrate to their customer the scope and benefits of each type of device more easily.

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