BWT and WRAS – Taking The Guesswork Out Of Choosing A Water Softener

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31st Mar 2016

Choosing the right water softener has never been easier with the excellent news that BWT’s WS range of water softeners are now fully WRAS approved .

The WRAS approval is exciting news for us and our Installers said Jon Wicks BWT UK’s Managing Director and it is an official recognition of the high quality design and components that go into every model, something only made possible for us by being part of BWT, Europe’s number one water technology company.

Steve Sperring (Technical Director at BWT) explained that installing a WRAS approved product like the BWT WS 355 takes the guess work out of which water softener to choose for the conscientious Installer looking to comply with the requirements of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) regulations.

The regulations have been developed over many years said Steve, and compliance with them is essential in helping to make sure a customer’s water supply remains safe. This type of approval demonstrates a products full compliance with the requirements of the regulations and byelaws 1 helping the installer or home owner to buy with confidence.

Designed and developed for UK homes and plumbing systems the WS range is already a firm favourite with many Installers; each model is beautifully made, efficient, fully automatic and easy to install.

Pauline Bishop National Sales Manager for BWT in the UK explains why the BWT WS range is likely to become the automatic choice for many installers. What could be better she says, than a water softener that delivers affordable, gentle BWT Luxury Water ® all around their customer’s home with an unrivalled support network, class leading warranties, free commissioning and of course full WRAS approval for complete peace of mind. With models to suit most homes and lifestyles, the WRAS approved BWT WS range simply takes the guesswork out choosing the right Water Softener for the customer Pauline says.

1 Provided the item is installed according to any conditions given with the approval

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