British Gypsum Supports Sustainable Specification With Further EPDs

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British Gypsum

3rd Jul 2014

Following the launch of its first five environmental product declarations (EPDs) last year, British Gypsum has announced a further three for its specialist board products. The latest EPDs are for: 6mm Glasroc F MULTIBOARD; 12.5mm Glasroc H TILEBACKER; and 15mm Glasroc F FIRECASE.

As part of its aim to simplify specifying sustainable solutions, British Gypsum is the first and only UK plasterboard manufacturer to release product specific EPDs to date, which make it easier to identify the genuine environmental impact of a product.

The EPDs give customers independently verified information on environmental performance and are the result of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) that considers the life cycle of a product solution from cradle to grave. As part of each assessment, a comprehensive range of factors are considered, including the potential environmental effects of raw materials, the manufacturing process, logistics, installation, performance in use, and finally the product at the end of its life.

The EPD produced as part of the LCA process can then be used by specifiers as evidence for building certification schemes, such as BREEAM.

Heidi Barnard, sustainability leader at British Gypsum, said: “Quite rightly, clients and end users are demanding greater transparency on the environmental impact of a project, and as such, every material and component used in the construction.

“As EPDs are based on clearly defined EU-wide rules and regulations, they give an indicator of performance that is reliable and transparent, and mean specifiers can be confident in the choice they are making. The independently verified EPDs also allow specifiers to gain evidence for project certification, with no extra cost.”

The latest EPDs are in addition to the existing EPDs available on: 12.5mm Gyproc WallBoard; 12.5mm Gyproc FireLine; 12.5mm Gyproc Moisture Resistant; 15mm Gyproc DuraLine and 15mm Gyproc SoundBloc plasterboards.

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