British Gypsum Rebrands Its Plaster Products into Three Classifications for Ease of Reference

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British Gypsum

26th Apr 2018

Classifying its plaster products into three distinct categories, British Gypsum has rebranded its four Thistle performance plasters to ThistlePro, its standard plaster range to Thistle Essential and its patching and repair products now fall under Thistle Repair.


The rebrand has been introduced to offer easier reference to merchants when advising clients on the correct plaster products for a specific job. Thistle plaster products offer a full range of specific and multi-purpose solutions for all internal plastering and backgrounds and now fall under these three distinct categories for ease of classification.

The new name for the performance products, ThistlePro, reflects the high quality of the product and is aimed at the professional user who demands a quality finish.

ThistlePro DuraFinish is 60% tougher than standard plasters for high traffic areas. ThistlePro PureFinish contains Activ air technology that locks away harmful formaldehyde, making indoor spaces healthier. ThistlePro Magnetic attracts magnets, allowing for the creation of an interactive wall and ThistlePro UniFinish is a finish coat plaster that can work without PVA, saving valuable time, mess and cost for the plasterer.

Explaining the rebrand Paul Cassidy, Senior Product Manager at British Gypsum said, “After getting feedback from our customers we felt this simple rebrand would help merchants display our products clearly and advise clients with specific requirements in mind. With no changes to the plaster products themselves, merchants will experience a seamless transition, where they will notice simple updates to the full range of plaster bags coming online throughout 2018.”

In line with this rebrand, the company’s standard products are now known as Thistle Essential, which houses British Gypsum’s regular plaster products including Thistle MultiFinish, Thistle BoardFinish and Thistle HardWall. Similarly, British Gypsum’s patching and repair products are now grouped under Thistle Repair. The Thistle Repair range includes a selection of products with a variety of pack sizes and performance characteristics to speed up and reduce waste on smaller, but tricky repair jobs.

Throughout 2018 British Gypsum will be updating its plaster bags with different colours to reflect each of the categories. All products are available from British Gypsum.

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