Born to lead: Not to follow

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22nd Nov 2013


417-Fernox born to lead not followThis year, Fernox celebrates five decades as a pioneering force in the heating industry. With this in mind, Francine Wickham, Global Marketing Director at Fernox looks at how the company has shaped the sector; continuing to educate the market on the importance of chemical water treatment.

With the widespread introduction of wet central heating systems in the 1960s, German engineer Peter Muetzel had a ‘lightbulb’ moment, he identified that if left untreated this new form of heating was vulnerable to corrosion and damage.

A mere matter of physics, when water comes into contact with metal – corrosion can occur and when electrolytic corrosion takes place, sludge forms. A sludged central heating system will result in the boiler working twice as hard to circulate the water and heat a home to the required temperature.

It was Peter Muetzel who identified this problem and it was Mr Muetzel that came up with a solution. Fernox, the name being derived from the chemical compound ‘Ferrous-Non-Oxidous.’ Established in 1964, it was Fernox that first introduced the concept of chemical water treatment to  extend the lifetime of the boiler and systems and prevent breakdowns as well as addressing the energy efficiency issues surrounding sludge and scale.

All professional installers are now aware of the fundamental role chemical water treatment has in maintaining efficient central heating systems and today, with rising energy prices – the message is still as pertinent as it was in 1964, if not more so.

Since Fernox began, it has led the way with technological advancements. From game-changing products, such as Central Heating Protector MB-1, first launched in 1983, to Superconcentrate gels, powerflushing machines to the first magnetic filter - the Fernox Boiler Buddy – and the award -winning hydrocyclonic and magnetic TF1 Total Filter and TF1 Compact.  In addition, as the company’s products have evolved and its range extended – recognition of their capabilities has followed. A key milestone came in 2011 when the carbon saving and energy saving benefits of Fernox Cleaner F3 and Fernox Protector F1 were verified by the Carbon Trust.

Professional installers will also be aware that just like traditional systems, renewable technologies must also be protected by chemical water treatments. As such, Fernox developed a whole new generation of chemical water treatments for renewable technologies.

While continuing to educate the market about the importance of chemical water treatment for traditional and renewable heating systems, and providing essential training to installers and plumbers’ merchants throughout the year – Fernox will also celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Installers will be able to take advantage of an exciting year of competitions and events, culminating with one lucky winner taking home £50,000 worth of heating products - the largest ever prize fund offered in a single prize draw.  

For further information visit: or for specific details on the 50th anniversary promotion.

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