Better Corrosion Protection from New ACO ATec Coating

By Administrator

ACO Technologies

19th Aug 2013


The new ACO ATec grating coating gives up to 10 times longer protection against corrosion than standard water based surface coatings. Ideal for demanding environments which require sustained, enhanced aesthetics, the coating gives a high performance finish to the Heelguard range of ductile iron gratings which are available for ACO MultiDrain MD and MultiDrain PPD drainage channels.

The durable finish provided with the ATec coating ensures drainage remains aesthetically pleasing, while the narrow Heelguard slots on the channel grating make this an ideal solution for areas heavily trafficked by pedestrians. The popular and versatile MultiDrain MD and MultiDrain PPD channel drainage systems are available in a selection of widths: 100mm, 150mm and 200mm. They supply efficient and effective drainage with a range of features and options to ensure easy installation, maintenance and ongoing, reliable operation. The system’s gratings are fitted with ACO Drainlock bar-less locking device, which enables rapid and easy installation while reducing the risk of blockages and improving hydraulic capacity.

ACO MultiDrain MD is manufactured from high strength polymer concrete and available in both sloping and constant depths to suit the application. ACO MultiDrain PPD is a high quality black plastic channel drainage manufactured from high strength recycled polypropylene. It provides an economical and robust solution for high-efficiency drainage. Both ranges are offered with a selection of gratings which all utilise the ACO Drainlock mechanism, including the new, high performance ATec coated grating for the best in long lasting, durable finish. ACO ATec coating is also standard on the versatile ACO Qmax range of high capacity drainage with ductile iron rails.

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