Are You Missing An Opportunity?

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30th Jun 2017

Profitable work is something that all installers strive for and yet many of our colleagues and partners overlook the Water softener. Available locally, installed in less than half a day, the water softener offers the installer a very profitable opportunity.

“When visiting a customer’s home to perform maintenance or repair do you ask if they have a water softener? Luxury Water® is the one of the UK’S best kept secrets, revealing it to the right client can help you make a quick and profitable sale”.

Hard Water affects 60% of homes in the country and most people know about the effect it can have on their home but don’t know that a BWT Luxury Water Softener® can provide a cost effective solution. Taking the time to explain how Luxury Water® can not only protect their home but bring a new found spa quality to bathing and showering whilst saving them money, is a powerful argument which should gain the customer’s interest.

A build-up of scale can cause a loss in heating efficiency so the initial cost of a water softener can be offset by the money saved on heating bills the increased life of appliances and the savings that can be made on toiletries and cleaning products.

With such convincing arguments, there is no reason not to mention the benefits of Luxury Water® at every call. Want to know more about BWT Luxury Water® and the difference it can make to your business call BWT on 01494 838100 and we will be pleased to help you with product literature and Free training. 

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