Ancon's new App makes choosing wall ties simple

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31st Jul 2013


With so many different types and designs of cavity wall tie now available from Ancon, giving advice on the correct one for a specific application can be both time consuming and challenging for the company’s stockists.

Using Ancon’s new Cavity Wall Tie Product Selector App, however, finding the information you need is simple, and can be completed in a matter of seconds.  All you have to do is select from simple multiple-choice options on cavity width, inner leaf construction and building type and height, and the App not only works out the right tie for your application, but provides important information such as u-value calculation data, installation density and recommended insulation clips.

Users don’t need to worry about product-specific technical details, such as embedment depth, which can result in additional complications when using traditional selection methods, as the App automatically calculates these and makes the necessary allowances when calculating the tie length.

The free App is easy to download onto your iPhone or iPad from the App Store or Android phone or tablet on the Google Play Store and its simple, intuitive structure means it’s easy to navigate and needs no prior training or specialist knowledge to operate.

The App can be used for all types of cavity wall construction, including standard masonry, thin-joint blockwork, steel frame and timber frame, and features Ancon’s full range of market leading ties, including Staifix stainless steel wire ties and the company’s unique ultra-low conductivity TeploTie, manufactured from basalt fibres.

Ancon’s Laura Aston-Bowes said “As building methods develop and become more complex and technical, working out details like wall tie type and length inevitably becomes more difficult, especially for stockists who need to carry information on thousands of different building components. Our new App takes the pressure off sales and counter staff – once it’s downloaded all they need to do is pick up their phone and they can be sure of providing the correct wall tie information for any building, quickly and simply.”

Desktop users can access a web-based version of the product selector at

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