ANCON Confirms CE Marking Compliance as New Deadline Hits the Industry

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1st Jul 2014

From 1 st July 2014, the CE Marking of structural steelwork to BS EN 1090 becomes a legal requirement. After this date, any fabricated structural component delivered to site without a CE mark, including masonry supports and windposts, is in breach of the EU Construction Products Regulation.

ANCON is proud to have offered the Industry a fully CE-compliant range since July 2013 - a full year ahead of the industry deadline.

The CE Marking of Ancon’s extensive product portfolio, so far in advance of the 2014 deadline, demonstrates an established understanding of Eurocode design methodology and a long-term commitment to robust manufacturing controls.

Non-compliant goods pose a significant risk to the Industry. Enforcement agencies, such as Trading Standards, have the power to confiscate goods, which could lead to costly site disruptions and delays. More importantly, product liability and building insurance may be null and void.

Ancon encourages the industry to understand the risks, demand the CE Mark and accept no excuses.

Stuart Maxwell, Ancon Managing Director, says, “The process of gaining CE Marking on structural steel components is designed to ensure consistent quality standards and to reduce risk, with particular attention to weld performance, so it is important that the Industry recognises what assurances the mark gives and demands the CE Mark.”

“Achieving all the requirements for fabricated components is a complex process, requiring strict working standards and controls, as well as Eurocode-compliant designs.”

All Ancon’s documentation is readily available online. Ancon’s structural steel products are delivered with a project-specific CE mark, linked directly to a Declaration of Performance, a Factory Production Control (FPC) certificate and a Welding Certificate. 

For further information, please contact Ancon on either 0114 275 5224 or, alternatively visit

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