Alphi -11 Protects Caravans and Park Homes Over Winter Months

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12th Aug 2015

Eastbourne-based Abacus Flame is using Fernox Antifreeze Protector Alphi-11 to protect against the damaging effects of freezing temperatures and corrosion formation in the upcoming winter months in static caravan and residential park home heating systems. Fernox Antifreeze Protector Alphi-11 offers both the benefits of a quality inhibitor and effective antifreeze. 

Like any exposed coastal area, the East Sussex coast is susceptible to cold, harsh weather conditions. Caravans are often left with no antifreeze mix present at all and owners who vacate over the winter months often drain and leave the heating system vulnerable.

Abacus Flame, a Gas Safe-registered business, services and maintains appliances in several hundred caravans and residential park homes in the area. As such, the company regularly uses Fernox Antifreeze Protector Alphi-11 to provide protection to the required temperature – even as low as -22°C, depending on the concentration.

Non-toxic and compatible with all metals and materials commonly used in heating systems, Alphi-11 is designed to be left in the system all year round to maintain efficiency and prolong the system’s life, and can be topped up as and when needed.

Noel McNeill, director at Abacus Flame commented: “We’re staggered by the number of heating systems in expensive new caravans and park homes that aren’t supplied with anti-freeze, which means at the first signs of cold the pipes are at risk of freezing and bursting. So checking anti-freeze levels is a must. We also remind customers not to drain down and refill with water, advising them that the use of Fernox’s products will protect and prolong the life of their system without the need to drain it.”

In addition, Abacus Flame regularly uses the Fernox TF1 Compact for new and pre-existing boiler installs to protect heating systems from system debris. For older systems that are prone to air bubbles, Fernox Energy Saver F6 is used to improve system efficiency and save fuel. When used in conjunction with Fernox Protector F1 and Cleaner F3, which clean and protect heating systems, gas savings of up to 15% can be achieved every time a room is heated.

Noel commented: “With Fernox products you know what you’re buying. We’ve tried alternatives but often find they aren’t as strong or hardworking, and therefore don’t meet the requirements of the job in hand.”

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