ACO Unveils New Building + Landscape Division To Reflect Growing Merchant Product Portfolio

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ACO Technologies

23rd May 2017

Leading manufacturer of water management systems, ACO has rebranded its landscape offering to reflect the growing needs of the domestic market, and will now supply merchants with drainage solutions for both external and internal applications. 

Previously focusing on exterior water management, ACO’s Urban + Landscape division will now be known as ACO Building + Landscape. This will see the manufacturer’s merchant-based product portfolio grow to accommodate every aspect of the domestic market, with a selection of shower channels, gullies, backflow valves and roof outlets being added to its range. Furthermore the expansion of ACO’s range will provide a number of new margin opportunities for merchants as customers are able to source all their water management products from one supplier.

To accommodate the growing trend for wetrooms, ACO has developed its shower channel and gully offering to cater for the increasing demand from the domestic market. Sleek, yet highly functional, the ShowerDrain C Line and Shower Gullies come equipped with a wide range of designer gratings to complement all wetroom design requirements.

Given the rise in housing developments on floodplains and cities, the risk of flooding in these areas has increased. Therefore the Building + Landscape range now features a range of backflow valves, specifically designed to provide a solution for flood control in domestic applications. ACO Junior, ACO Triplex and ACO Quatrix devices all provide anti-flooding protection against the ingress of grey and black water. The range of valves can be installed in basements or existing pipes, providing resilient flood protection for areas that are at risk or prone to flooding.

Finally ACO Building +Landscape has recognised the growing requirement of effective water management solutions for flat roofs, balconies and roof terraces. A diverse portfolio of roof outlets has been launched, providing high performance rainwater drainage for flat roof applications, to suit individual needs.

To support merchants stocking the extended product portfolio ACO will also be supplying branches with a variety of bespoke POS materials, which will help communicate the new areas of operation for the division to the end customer. This includes new technical brochures for installers, Building + Landscape product guides, a Shower Design brochure for end users, as well as counter top displays for roof outlets and display units for shower channels and gullies.

ACO can provide Merchants with the relevant support they need to sell the new products with the help of its ACO Academy. A number of new product training modules can be delivered directly from the academy or at branch level by its team of specialist merchandisers and product trainers.  

Phil Windus, Market Manager at ACO, comments: “The rebranding of our Building + Landscape range, coupled with the launch of our new products, will help to define our position in the market as a leading provider of both internal and external water management systems. We have a strong portfolio of landscape drainage products and our merchant partners will play a vital role in communicating this message to our customers. We’re confident that this change will help to meet the growing needs of our diverse customer base and provide our customers with one point of contact for quality drainage solutions, suitable for every style and application.”

For more information on ACO Building + Landscape, and to download the ACO Building + Landscape brochure, please visit: .

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