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12th Apr 2013


ACO StormBrixx is a patented, geocellular stormwater attenuation and infiltration system for use as part of an integrated, sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS), and is fully approved in line with UK SUDS regulations. The system is also adaptable as a sustainable drainage solution for use across multiple construction project types and environments. 

StormBrixx distinct, stackable design is innately cost-efficient in terms of transportation and storage. It allows for a more efficient use of space in the merchants yard: four times as many units of StormBrixx can be stored in the space needed to hold an alternative product. In terms of  transportation to site, it is cheaper and faster:  280m3 of storage volume can be transported on a single lorry, up to four lorries being needed for comparable products. Its stackable design also simplifies the logistics of installation. Essentially, the system reduces the financial and carbon footprint costs of all involved.

StormBrixx is manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene. It is designed with an inherent structural integrity, strength and stability that derive from its body's unique pillar configuration and its cell brick and crossbonding features, which translate into functional sustainability and long life expectancy. Its systematic efficiency is demonstrated by a standard rainwater void ratio of 95%.

Among StormBrixx unique design features that aid its efficiency of operation are access chambers and inspection points, which along with its open, cellular structure allow for 3D access to facilitate efficient and convenient monitoring, inspection, and cleaning. The system's other functional components include: side panels to provide lateral system support; top covers for surface load support, and rainwater inlet and outlet points.

Additional system features include silt tunnels and sediment fore-bays, low flow channels for sediment deposition, and drain down - a structural feature to ensure the system drains out to maximize on storage volume - to facilitate sediment and debris removal, and maximise its efficiency in terms of volume capacity.

Based on natural drainage principles, the StormBrixx attenuation system releases the peek rainfall of a storm over an extended period of time, and transfers any water surge effect downstream - with its flow rate managed using a control valve such as the ACO Q-Brake Vortex.

Likewise, the StormBrixx infiltration system mimics natural processes: it releases rainwater through voids in the system's body, and through the ACOTex polypropylene geotextile in which the system is wrapped on site in infiltration applications, and out into the surrounding earth's strata.

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