ACO RainDrain B 125 Provides High Quality, High Strength Solution For Residential Driveways

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4th Feb 2016

ACO RainDrain B 125 provides the ideal drainage system for driveways and small private car parks. Manufactured from ACO’s high strength recycled polymer concrete material, the system is fully certified to Load Class B 125 BS EN 1433:2002.  It’s quick and easy to install, thanks to its lightweight 1m channel design and clip locking grating.   


Since 2009, planning permission has been required for a new or refurbished area over 5m 2 unless a porous surface or a sustainable drainage system is installed. As such, products such as RainDrain B 125 are a key offering within the merchant branch. RainDrain B 125 also gives customers more choice, which ultimately helps the merchant to upsell and increase margins. Here, Phil Windus: Market Manager at ACO Water Management outlines the steps needed to install the product:

  1. First, dig a trench measuring 318mm wide (218mm wide if against a structure) by 200mm deep for channel (or 400mm deep for a sump).
  2. The finishing height should then be marked with a fixed line 3mm below the final surface.
  3. Next, lay 100mm (min) bed of concrete.
  4. Then knock out the pre-formed outlet from the inside (this is marked with a hammer symbol) or fit sump or outlet endcap.
  5. Position sump or outlet channel on concrete bed then fit PVC-U union/trap to drainage pipework.
  6. Lay channels starting from the outlet / sump – ensure joints connect by lowering units horizontally.
  7. Fit the closing endcap to the end channel.
  8. For fully watertight joints, use a suitable sealant (contact a sealant specialist for guidance).
  9. Now the gratings are ready to be fitted.
  10. With the gratings fitted, haunch concrete around the channels / sump; the final surface should be 3mm above the gratings.
  11. Finally, the bricks/paviours should be laid in mortar for lateral stability. 

RainDrain B 125 has a full set of accessories to provide a variety of quick and professional installations.

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