ACO Q-Brake Vortex and Q-Plate: Complete Range of Flow Control Solutions with Rapid Deliveries and Good Margins

By Administrator

ACO Technologies

22nd Oct 2013

The new, enhanced and extended Q-Brake Vortex Flow control and Q-Plate orifice plate range from ACO can now regulate any surface water flow rate before discharge into water course or sewer networks. Both the vortex and orifice plate technology are custom designed to project requirements and offer merchants a quality product with rapid delivery and good margins.

The Q-Brake Vortex is ideal for flows from 1 to 100 l/s and is a proven, reliable product which is resistant to blockages.  It has enhanced, patented bypass door and emergency drain down facility with improved sealing, enabling remote access from the surface to bypass the inlet and independently drain the upstream system. Easy installation is assured with fixing options for either flat sided or round manhole chambers. The units are manufactured from stainless steel to exact project requirements and are designed for reliable, efficient performance and simple maintenance.

In projects where the ACO Q-Brake Vortex is not suitable, the ACO Q-Plate offers an effective alternative. This product line is available with or without remote bypass and drain down and comes in flat and round manhole configurations to simplify installation.

The ACO Q-Brake Vortex and Q-Plate offer high quality, yet economic solutions with rapid deliveries to exact customer requirements and will provide robust, reliable, long-term operation. The range offers merchants the ability to provide a quality manufactured product which simply does the job it is supposed to.  The range is complete, easy to sell, offers good margins and is designed to help customers complete the final stages of a drainage project quickly and without hassle. 

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