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30th Sep 2015

ACO House of Tomorrow

ACO Water Management has provided a number of drainage products to the Wienerberger e4 brick house at BRE.  The solutions are helping the concept meet both its environmental and economic aims.  

Wienerberger is the leading provider of wall, roof and landscaping innovations. Its e4 brick house™ concept was developed to address the need for affordable, sustainable housing in the UK.  Designed in conjunction with global engineering and design consultancy, ARUP, the e4 brick house™ model focuses on the four pillars of Wienerberger’s global e4 concept – energy, economy, environment and emotion. 

The environment pillar of the e4 brick house™ model concentrates on minimising its environmental impact along with ensuring materials are sourced responsibly and that it meets level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes as standard.  From an economic perspective, the concept aims to provide a house that is not only financially affordable and accessible but one that gives optimum build performance and meets market demand.

Each and every element of the house has been carefully sourced to ensure the four pillars are met with the management of surface water no exception. The collection of surface water is provided by a range of ACO’s proprietary drainage systems – ACO KerbDrain and ACO MultiDrain MD – which is then outlet via ACO’s Swale Inlet into a vegetated swale located behind e4 brick house™. The consideration of surface water helps to fulfil both the environment and economy pillars of the concept.

KerbDrain, which is being used to drain the car park at the front of the house, is a combined kerb and drainage system specifically designed and developed to form an integral part of any modern, sustainable surface water management solution. The one-piece system is the first combined kerb drainage system of its kind to use recycled materials, which helps to fulfil this site’s requirement of responsible sourcing. 

ACO’s MultiDrain MD has been utilised across both the front and the sides of the e4 brick house™. Designed to provide an economical solution for the efficient removal of surface water, it is ideal for this affordable house concept. The system is also manufactured from Vienite ® , ACO’s high strength recycled material, which again helps meet environmental requirements of the house in terms of responsible sourcing.   

For the front of the house, 100mm wide MultiDrain has been installed with ACO’s Brickslot grating.  This grating enables discreet drainage and is ideal for this visible space where aesthetics are a top priority.  At the sides of the house, MultiDrain in 150mm width with ductile iron gratings is being utilised.  The grating is fitted with ACO Drainlock, a bar-less locking device that reduces the risk of blockages and improves hydraulic capacity.

The final element of the ACO drainage solution is the company’s Swale Inlet where each of the drainage elements run in to.  The Swale Inlet is a natural look inlet offering a non-intrusive finish helping to fulfil the

requirement of minimising environmental impact. It is also easy to maintain due to its exceptional durability. Thanks to its surface finish and the flared outlet design of the unit the swale area surrounding the inlet is protected from 'scour'. From a responsible sourcing perspective, as with MultiDrain, the product is manufactured from the company’s high strength recycled material, Vienite ® .       

David Smoker of ACO Water Management commented, “By managing the flow rate and volume of surface water run-off, the risk of localised flooding is reduced. By dealing with all surface water within the site, pressure on the drainage network is minimised. This in turn minimises environmental impact.

"Sustainable properties that are affordable are key for the future and we are really excited to have worked on a project and concept with such focus in this area. What’s more, ACO is very much focused on how solutions look on the surface so working with Wienerberger was a natural fit.”

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