Aco Building + Landscape Launches Dedicated Wetroom Offering To Meeting Growing Demand

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18th Sep 2017

Domestic wetroom installations have been on the rise over the last ten years, and with the trend showing no sign of abating, ACO Water Management’s Building + Landscaping division has expanded its product portfolio to include a dedicated range of wetroom channels and gullies.

The new offering will give housebuilders and contractors the option of sourcing all their internal and external water management systems from one reputable supplier. Suitable for both new-build and retrofit wetroom applications, ACO’s new wetroom range will include the ShowerDrain C Line system, and ACO Shower Gullies.

The ShowerDrain C Line range is a high-quality stainless steel shower drainage system with an integrated removable foul air trap. The channel is available in lengths from 585mm to 1,185mm, and with four different grating designs including the Wave, Quadrato, Slot and Tile styles. The ShowerDrain C Line system will provide a sleek yet highly functional finish to any wetroom project.

The range features a 50mm spigot outlet for integration into the wider plumbing network, and delivers a flowrate of 0.5-0.8 l/s, depending on its proximity to both the showerhead and the wall.

ACO’s new range of wetroom solutions also includes a gully system for use within tiled floors.  With eight different 150mm square grating designs – all manufactured from foot-friendly electro-polished stainless steel – to choose from, ACO’s new Shower Gullies come in horizontal or vertical outlet variants, meaning they are easy to install in both suspended and solid floor constructions. Delivering a flow rate of 1.2 l/s, the compact outlet also benefits from a foul air trap with 50mm water seal.

Both the ShowerDrain C Line and Shower Gully ranges are manufactured to the BS EN 1253 standard for gullies for buildings.

Phil Windus, Market Manager at ACO, comments: “As with so many other elements of domestic construction, the last few years has seen homeowners embrace open plan living. With traditional boundaries between hallways, kitchens and dining rooms becoming much less rigid than they once were, the same can now be said of bathrooms.

“While wetrooms are becoming a popular addition to many homes – both as a new build and retrofit – they bring with them their own unique water management challenges. With a view to solving these in an efficient and aesthetic way, ACO Building + Landscape has launched a new collection of wetroom-specifc drainage solutions. Given our heritage as a supplier of external water management systems, our latest additions to our product portfolio will give housebuilders and contractors one reliable port of call for both their internal and external drainage requirements.”

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