e-Xact provides a managed database service, where source data from suppliers is automatically processed and validated, with human intervention to correct, enhance and aggregate as required so that users can enjoy one-click access to product data.

For Suppliers and Manufacturers, e-Xact is a product information service which enables them to:

  • Publish a comprehensive product catalogue that can be viewed in over 3000 merchant branches, including the major national and leading independent Builders Merchants
  • Replicate their product file on a merchant’s system including online catalogues for electronic trading
  • Distribute press releases and new product information, a free of charge service for subscribers

For Builders Merchants, electronic trading hubs and other users, e-Xact enables them to:

  • Print up-to-date copies of Health and Safety sheets, Technical Specifications and other documents
  • Receive daily updates of new or changed product information for automatic integration into their systems
  • Utilise a managed 'library' of information to 'feed' other applications e.g. websites

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